Business Statistics Can Determine the Success of Any Business

Too many business managers, especially managers of small businesses, fail to recognize the importance of statistics in their business dealings. Not only can statistics help to predict the success of your own business marketing, you can use them to perform audits of various company departments, assure quality control, and other processes. You can even use your statistical prowess to assist your customers with their needs as well. All of these activities proceed through random sampling. Such sampling can accurately predict many of your business applications. Hiring a trained statistician to help with analysis can be invaluable to your business. However, there are also computer software programs that can also help in much the same way.

Statisticians are interested in population demographics in marketing districts to project the success of given business practices. Such demographics describe both applicable similarities and differences to help make accurate predictions. Ignoring these differences can be catastrophic to any business. For example, the owner of a pizza chain in Southern Arizona expanded his enterprise to Utah. He assumed, mistakenly, that since jalapeno peppers were the number one selling pizza topping in Southern Arizona that they would also sell like hotcakes in his Utah operation. He failed to recognize that the population of Southern Arizona was largely Hispanic, while the population near his Utah enterprise was not. He almost never received requests for jalapeno peppers in Utah, and he ended up throwing the majority of the Utah jalapeno peppers in the trash. This was just a minor example of failure to recognize a consumer population, and it wasn’t very costly. However, had this been a major investment, he could have lost his entire business because of his failure to adequately evaluate the demographics of his customer marketing area.

Although the use of statistics is growing ever larger in the professional world, they seem to remain something of an enigma to the general population. Business statistics is a real science, long since accepted all many professional fields. The statistician can be an important business link, and could be one of the most important employees in the success of any business operation.

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Travel Business Statistics – Where To Find Them

Going into the travel business might mean that you are in the middle of researching travel business statistics. If this is the case you may want to make sure that, you are researching updated info and not old statistics. As traveling is something that many people do because it has become even more affordable. Even with the price of gas so high these days, it is affordable for a family of four to go on a vacation to Disney World, where as it might not have been so affordable five years ago.

The travel business statistics are often updated on many websites. There are some that are so very dependable and update quite frequently. One of these websites is When you visit this site, you will find that they pride themselves on the most up to date info. They will give you statistics on airlines, seating, and cruises as well as many others.

Another great site that you will get some great up to the minute travel business statistics is If you visit this site, you will see that they are on top of the travelers and where they are going. They are also great about updating their travel trends section and will let you in on the latest news.

Some may think that looking at the travel business statistics would mean looking at the businesses in general, however, that is not all ways true. You will find that a lot of great statistics and information can be found by just looking over the travel statistics in general.

However, if you are wanting to just find more information on the travel businesses and their personal statistics, try looking at a website such as for some great info. You will find that many of the businesses are listed there that are travel businesses and will give you some great insight on those as well as their statistics.

The travel business is now doing better than ever. You are going to find that many of the businesses that sell travel packages are up and running, as they never have before. IF you are considering going into the travel business, you will want to make sure that you research the companies that are out there and talk to some people that are a part of the company. You will find out so much by just having a conversation with someone that has done well with a company and is making a name for them.

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E Business Statistics: An Online Entrepreneur’s Guide to Make Money

The market of the internet is growing at a tremendous pace, with more and more people getting comfortable to the thought of shopping for products and services online. Once upon a time, shoppers were reluctant to give out their credit card information but not anymore. Thanks to the established safety measures, customers are now open to the idea of shopping online.

They “window” shop in, choose their item and purchase right at the comfort of their home. If you are a business person and would like to establish one online – it may as well be one of the best decisions you will ever make because there is money in online business. Now if you would check for e business statistics before you even dream of establishing anything, that choice is even better than best. Why? Recognize that e business statistics is an online entrepreneur’s guide to make money.

There are a hundred and one items you can sell online. There are so many choices as to what business to open. How will you know which one is most profitable among all the options laid out before you? The answer is simple. Check e business statistics. Although every business venture is a risk, by checking the numbers involved in e business statistics, you know for sure that what you are taking is a calculated risk.

According to e business statistics of products that are being bought by US customers, books are the best sellers online. If you are an avid reader, going into the book business online is a good choice for you since you can make money with books, which happens to be your passion. Today, with the birth of electronic books and more means for a person to have access to them, such as the Kindle or an iPad, you can sell even more books by going digital. There are a few sites who sell e-books and you may want to follow their footsteps while the market is still not that saturated.

After books, the music business is the next top bestseller according to e business statistics. In fact, the difference of the ratio of books and music profitability is but a mere 1 percent. If you are a musician or a music lover at heart, selling music either in the form of DVD or paid mp3 is truly the way to go. Again, it greatly helps your business that there are iPods and they are considered “hip” by today’s generation. You can capitalize on that to make more money.

The 3rd most purchased item online pertains to travel – airfare, hotels and tours. Do you wanderlust? Well, you can satisfy that while helping others satisfy theirs as well by establishing an online travel agency complete with packages that include airfare, tours and hotels.

Thanks to e business statistics, online entrepreneurs have a guide on what industry they should be tapping in their business. You can make money from your home by establishing an electronic business that is guided by statistics.

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The Benefits of Using Business Statistics

Business statistics can consist of historical data of competitive companies in an industry. They can consist of answers from questionnaires passed out to customers in a geographical region that use a specific product. Gathering statistics can be done in many ways, such as over the web, through email, in person, and through the U.S. postal mail. It is a good idea to review business statistics prior to making a big decision with a company.

One big benefit of using business statistics is that they provide factual data that you can use. Historical data is based on true events that occurred in the past. If you are looking for trends in the marketplace within a specific industry then this is the type of information you want to gather. This way, when you are asking a committee or board for money on a project you can provide statistical facts that prove your findings. Statistics allow you to back what you are talking about, showing you really did your homework!

Business statistics allow for companies to make important decisions about projects. Being able to identify trends in the marketplace or statistics of successful projects that might seem relevant to a business can help determine if a project is right for them. If statistics show that 9 out of 10 companies that switch to IP phone systems have reduced trouble ticket calls to the help desk regarding the phone systems and reduced time required by IT for fixing issues, this would prove to be a benefit. Companies use data to make decisions about big projects all of the time.

Business statistics also help with projecting future events that might occur. If you are looking for risk factors of a specific project that your company wants to roll out then statistics are necessary. This can help you determine if these risks may happen to you. Statistics help a business plan an annual budget appropriately too.

There are many benefits of using business statistics in a business to make decisions. You cannot just guess what you think might happen in the future without providing some type of information to back what you are saying. Statistics are factual and are used to eliminate the guessing within a business. When faced with a big decision in your company, don’t just guess – use the facts – business statistics!

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Home Based Business Statistics

When you are thinking of owning a home business, the idea of home based business statistics is going to be something that is suddenly going to be very important to you. You might not know it, but when it comes right down to it, you are going to want to be aware of several home based business statistics before you get started, because you are surely going to want to be aware of what you are getting into and what your chances for success are going to be.

What Are They?

You might be wondering just exactly what the home based business statistics that you are going to be looking for are. Well, when it comes right down to it, home based business statistics are going to be series of information that you need when it comes to home business. The home based business statistics are going to be statistics that can tell you what type of businesses work well, which types fail, and what types just do a middle of the road kind of job.

Another thing that home based business statistics is going to be able to tell you is what kid of businesses are actually out there on the market today, and what the need is for more of them. If you see home based business statistics that state that a certain type of business is doing really well, and you can’t find very many of them, it might be a good idea to get on board with this kind of home based business. However, if you see home based business statistics that state that a certain type of business is only doing okay, but that there are a lot of this type of business, you might want to stay away from it because it might be a sign that points directly to the idea of there being too many of these businesses.

How To Read Them

You are going to want to look carefully at all of the information that you can find in the home based business statistics that you are looking at. Be sure to look at the type of business, and what is good about it and what is bad about it. You are also going to want to remember that often there are reasons that you aren’t aware of for why certain businesses fail, and this information might not actually be on the home based business statistics that you are reading. It might be an idea that you have to come to on your own, but you should always be aware of the possibility that a business didn’t do well not because of the business itself, but of the people running it.

Where Can You Find Them

If you are looking for home based business statistics you are going to want to start by looking online. Remember that there are many different types of home businesses, and when you are looking for home based business statistics you are going to keep in mind that you aren’t going to be helped by home based business statistics that don’t match the kind of business you are interested in. You have to be sure that you are finding statistics that really focus on what you are doing in your own home based business, or what you are planning to do once you start one. You are always going to want to make sure that looking at home based business statistics is something that you do often, so be sure you find lots of reliable sources for them. Remember too, that not everything that you will find on the home based business statistics speaks the whole truth. If you are interested in something, you want to do more research.

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